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Lacrosse Equipment

Lacrosse equipment is highly customizable and subject to personal preference.  Here is a nice basic guide that does a nice job listing various pieces of equipment with relevant details:  http://www.sportstop.com/lax-guide . 

  • Stick called a "Crosse" is made up of a head and a properly sized shaft.
  • White or Black lacrosse helmet must be NOCSAE approved (Hockey helmet are not acceptable)
  • A mouth guard must be attached to the helmet.
  • Lacrosse shoulder pads.
  • Lacrosse arm pads.
  • Lacrosse Gloves (Hockey gloves do not flex properly for lacrosse).
  • Athletic supporter with protective cup.
  • Rib pads are strongly recommended!
  • Rubber sole cleats (soccer or football cleats are fine), turf shoes optional for indoor.
US Lacrosse Boys equipment