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April 16th Game

U10 Parents-


And just like that, tomorrow is our second game.  We coaches are looking forward to getting out on the field again with the boys.  We had a couple of great practices this week and the team is starting to gel.  Our start time is 10AM tmorrow in Bedford, so I ask that you arrive at the field at 9:30AM for warmups.


Field address is 47B Nashua Road, Bedford NH


Also, with school vacation coming up I want to confirm we have enough players for games scheduled on both weekends.  If you all go and log into your account on the league website it allows you to click on our schedule and rsvp if you will be attending the games.  If you know that you will not be available, please log in and update your account so we can plan accordingly.  If we know of conflicts we have the ability to rescedule the game, but if we dont know early enough we will need to forfeit and take a loss.




U10 Coaches

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This week's Schedule
by posted 05/23/2022

Good morming-


I wanted to send a quick note to remind everyone that we have a make up game this Tuesday at home.  Game time is 6:00.  Please arrive at the field at 5:30.


Also, we do not have a game this weekend.




_Coach Murphy

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5/19 Practice Cancelled
by posted 05/19/2022

Tonight's practice is cancelled due to weather.  Sorry for late notice.  Was hoping to get it in.

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2022 U10 Rattlers Kickoff Message
by posted 03/23/2022

Good evening parents of Timberlane Rattlers 10U Boys Lacrosse

My name is Jeff Murphy and I will be the head coach of the boys U10 team this year.  I, along with Rich Oliveri, Jason Stover and Alby Indrisiano as assistant coaches, are excited to help your athletes develop more skills and love for the game and grow as people. 

This email is the first of many that you will receive from me this year.  We work hard to makes sure everyone knows what is going on and is kept informed of team activities.  A couple of housekeeping items as we begin the season.

  • Email List
    • This list is what I have from the league as contact information. If you would like anyone added or deleted from the list, please let me know and I will adjust. 
  • SportsSignUp Play App
    • For those that do not know, the league admins have both a website and a smartphone app.  You all have the website information, as you likely used to register.  The app is also a great resource.  I ask that you all install and monitor this app for team communications.  It will be much easier to communicate using this app in real time if something needs to be communicated quickly.  Let me know if you have any trouble accessing the app.
  • Practice and Game Schedule
    • We are halfway through our indoor team practices.  We will continue to practice at 10 AM for the next two Sundays. I am very happy with how the team is working together, and look forward to getting outside and having some more space.
    • We will be having team practices on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings.  The time is still being finalized but I expect it to be 5:30PM and 7PM.
    • Games are typically on Sundays. Times and locations will vary.  Once the league releases the schedule, I will communicate that to you.
  • LAXJAM 2022
    • On April 2, we will be playing in the LaxJam.  At this time, I do not have any information more than what has been communicated league wide.  In the past schedules were not released until a day or so before.  I think we will have 3 games on Saturday, but the time is not yet determined.  I will update as I receive information.  Please let me know if you will not be attending.  I want to make sure we will have a full team.
  • Equipment
    • The league has advised all coaches that they will be very diligent this year about making sure all the kids are properly equipped.  That includes legal sticks, cup protection and properly rated safety equipment.  As a reminder, shoulder pads are now required to be NOCSAE approved in addition to helmets.  If it doesn’t say NOCSAE, its not legal.  Please grab myself or one of the coaches if you have any questions about equipment.

Finally, I wanted to take a minute to let you know a few of my thoughts on youth sports and my expectations for the season.  I have been coaching youth sports for going on 10 years now and think its one of the best things we can do for our children.  I see it as an opportunity for kids to learn to be part of a team, challenge themselves, and grow as a person.  Youth sports is about gaining skills that will help them in the future.  We will be focusing our practice on creating a solid foundation of skills and game understanding.  Many of these skills are things that will help them on the field as they continue to play lacrosse, but there will be other lessons learned.  They will learn working hard during practice makes them perform better in the games.  They will learn how to support their teammates.  They will learn how to be gracious in defeat and how to be humble in victory.  They will learn to respect coaches, officials and others at the fields.  Oftentimes, these life lessons are even more valuable than the lacrosse skills.

To that end, please know that we will have high expectations for your athletes.  We expect them to be on time for games, ready to start practices on time with the proper equipment.  When we are practicing or playing, we will be vocal in our support of each other.  We will be competitive and physical, putting in 100% effort all the time. 

When we are meeting as a team, explaining drills or sitting on the sideline, we expect all of the kids to be focused and attentive.  These expectations are not meant to sound harsh.  We know kids will have bad days.  We will have plenty for time for the kids to have fun and get to know each other. I believe if we set the expectations at the start of the season and all support the mission, I know we can be successful.

If you have read this far, thank you. I think that covers the basics for now. 

Coaches Murphy, Oliveri, Stover and Indrisiano


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Jeff Murphy 
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